Saturday, September 11, 2010

There's Always a First Time for Everything (and a Giveaway!)

01 Sept 10, 2010

Dress: Color Me Dot from Natalie and Me
Blazer: Magnolia
Purse: thrifted
Belt: m)phosis
Shoes: Belle

This is it! Remember one of my new year resolutions? I told you I wanted to start my own clothing line. And this is it... I finally launch it! It's called 'Natalie and Me'. Check out the shop here. It's still a small blog-based shop, but I'm planning to continuously expanding it.

And to celebrate it, what could be more perfect than a... giveaway?? I've never held something like this before, and this would be a great time to start, no?

So here how it goes:
  1. To enter this giveaway, you must be a follower of The November Girl
  2. Visit Natalie and Me Shop, and choose your must favorite item out of the three launched items
  3. Leave a comment below stating why do you like that item
  4. Don't forget to state also your email and blog name so that I can contact you easily if you win
  5. One extra entry if you become the follower of Natalie and Me Shop
  6. This giveaway closes on October 2, 2010 00:00 (GMT +7). So there're plenty of times for you to compose your entry
  7. The winner will be announced on October 9, 2010
  8. So sorry.. but this giveaway is open for readers in Indonesia only. Sorrryyy.. ^_^
02 Sept 10, 2010
03 Sept 10, 2010
04 Sept 10, 2010
05 Sept 10, 2010
06 Sept 10, 2010

Oh, wait.. I haven't mention the prize, have I? Well, one lucky winner will get the Color Me Dot dress that I featured in this post. Lovely isn't it?

01 Color Me Dot 1

So, what are you waiting for, lovelies? Go visit Natalie and Me Shop now.. Free shipping promo is on for a limited time.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great weekend... ^_^



jamie-lee said...

I really love that your dress and your shoes match - this is so sweet!

Aww wish I lived in Indonesia for the giveaway! x

Maria said...

I love the dress! It's so lovely. :)

F i K a said...

lovely dress!!
good luck with your shop!! :) :)

Moi Moiselle said...

hi dear,

thx for being so sweet and visited my blog ^^
All the best for your shop too

Love, MM

Putri Fatma said...

I love blue, cool dress!

Bobby said...

hi, I'm your newset follower, I can't enter the giveaway but checked out your shop anyway, its great, love the in the park dress. Loving your blog xxx

Kalyana Dewi said...

Re: must be so fun living in Bogor :)
Love your blazer , and goodluck for the giveaway ^^


Miy said...

Yeay! a giveawaaay! :D

Umm.. letsee..

Following you and natalie-n-me? Check!

Favorite item?

I love the 'in the park' dress because it looks very comfy and sweet.. I like the pattern and the name too.. very picnic-y. :*

I like 'Color me dot' too because it looks really really versatile, the color is nice and everlastingly classy. Love! Love! Love!

Err..I think you really should post more dresses there, dear..

The Picnic Girl

aurora. said...

i love your outfit
and i cant believe you made this dress!
what an awesome giveaway unfortunately i do not live in indonesia so i cant enter

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

Wendy said...

Your jacket is super cute!

fhen said...

oh really love this outfit!

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

That dress is so cute and I love how you styled it with that jacket! And to answer your question about what lenses I use for photos, I use a 50 mm 1.8 for details and 70-200 for portraits/full length shots. I sometimes use a wide angle, but not often!

silviasiantar said...


following your blog now


Bionica said...

I'm feeling that pink dress on the site
very nice girl =)
oh and your blazer is so fab
I love the ruche


kirstyb said...

lovely dress xxx

michelle_ said...

i love your jacket and dress nadia !
very pretty :)

glistersandblisters dot com

yiqin; said...

I love that dress :D

Elaine said...

You look absolutely fabulous! I love the dress and that jacket is amazing!!!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Theresia Natalie said...

Hei I want to join your giveaway. Have followed this blog and your shop.

My favorite is COLOR ME DOT DRESS because the pattern is unique and the color makes me remember to deep blue ocean. Like that!

By the way my name is Natalie, too. Is Natalie your name or what??

Nice to see your blog :0

Theresia Natalie

Veren Lee said...

wow. the dress is so pretty and it's blue! my fave colour :D

veren .a little princess.

veronicaa said...

I am so in love with the dress!
I love your blog following for sure.
Visit my blog :) I bookmarked your shop too!
XO Veronica
my passion for fashion blog

Becky Regina said...

Lovely dress ! I've followed your blog and actually my favorite is that Color Me Dot Dress , really love the color :) I've followed Natalie and Me shop too !

Agata Wijaya said...

i read your comment in little miss fhenny about this giveaway.
I'm so excited.
you dress so lovely!

my favorite dress of the 3 launched dress is Color Me Dot Dress.
it's pretty cute,unique pattern of dot(the model of dress is not usual), and very simple:D
Love it <3

i already follow both of them.
congrats for your launching shop! good luck :D


Puspacinantya said...

hey dear....i wanna to join your giveaway!

1. followed your blog thought GFC

2. i love the pretty in pink dress. my must have item!

3. i love the flowers pattern on the dress. sooo cute. also love the color! but all the dresses are too cute :D

4. contact me:
@Mya_keren (follow your twitter)

5. followed shop natalie and me

6. post it on my blog: check it maybe i'll tweet this

Hope that i can win this iveaway contest!

Diva Putri said...

lovely dress dear! like it a lot! :D
visit my blog back if you dont mind hehe

smooch, diva

Merlyn Macella said...

love your dress and the color of your dress =)


that's so pretty dress of yours and your heels omg! its adorably pretty!